Patty’s Priorities

Patty’s activity professionally and throughout the community gives her a unique understanding of the needs and concerns of the citizens of Lincoln. As she visits with voters, her priorities will include:

Ensuring Educational Opportunities

Improved access and more options for all students

It is important that all students have equitable access to schools, focus programs, technology and other educational tools. In order to create a more prepared workforce, there must be improved access to educational opportunities for all students. Accessible education will foster opportunities for our students to excel, creating brighter, more varied futures for all of Nebraska’s children.

Graduates are prepared for college or the workforce

It is clear that students have many plans and goals after graduation from high school and college. Our goal should be to prepare students to be the best they can be and to provide them the ability to excel and be successful, scholastically or in the workforce.

Reducing the achievement gap

In our society, we have inequities starting at birth. Under the assumption that an educated community is a powerful, successful community, we must work to provide education from an early age. We all must be committed to educate all of our children to ensure that our community thrives. We must offer all students opportunities for brighter futures, and our businesses a steady stream of capable graduates prepared to enter the workforce.

Attracting Quality Jobs

Vibrant economic development

Our community depends on a strong, healthy business network. Economic development is key to continuing to keep up with the employment needs of our companies and our citizens. We must be vigilant in working to attract new, quality businesses to employ our quality workforce. Issues of underemployment must be studied and opportunities for the steady stream of able college graduates must be celebrated in any efforts to bring new businesses to our city and state.

Strengthened infrastructure

I am a believer in the importance of keeping our infrastructure as strong as possible. My work on the LPS Student Housing Task Force and Bond Issue strengthened the infrastructure of the school district and provided economic development for our community. Similarly, my work on Union Plaza’s development and Centennial Mall’s revitalization will produce infrastructure enhancement for our community. Fortifying infrastructure keeps our city strong economically and socially.

Positive business climate

I believe that without a positive business climate, our city and state would not be the sparkling gems they are. Our conservative nature brought us through the 2008 recession vigorously. We are a shining example of growth and development in our state and country. We can bring major events to our city. Events like the National Special Olympics and major events coming to the Arena prove that we are capable of playing in the major leagues of cities. Lincoln, Nebraska is a great place to live and raise a family. We must celebrate and encourage businesses to come, settle and bring their families! Meanwhile, quality jobs and dynamic economic development will keep our children and their families in

Promoting Strong and Healthy Families and Neighborhoods

Better access to support systems

People without access to health care, adequate food, shelter and the basic tools to succeed in our community, including technology and transportation, need to have effective ways to tap in to our community’s comprehensive and essential support systems. We must work together to strengthen Lincoln’s intricate safety net.

Robust community recreation and arts programs

Our lives are better thanks to our strong parks system, available to all people, and thanks to the enrichment of matters of the heart and mind as expressed through the arts, whether gallery or performance-based. Our connection to and understanding of beauty and nature are enhanced by the additions of these elements in our community.

Wellness in the home and workplace

We cannot afford the looming cost of our future health care if we continue to ignore the health and well-being of our citizens, our employees and our children. Healthier families can be achieved by creating a focus on wellness in the home, the workplace and in our community. We must work fervently to provide healthy opportunities and options for our families so that the burgeoning cost of health care is controlled and ultimately reduced.